My fiance and I just left Chilis in Birmingham AL Wildwood Shopping Center. It is now 12.10am We called Chilis takeout order at 10.49pm .

The lady said 20 minutes wait. we went there 20 min later found a lady standing at the comp. i told her my name, were here to pick up an order. she told us the total 21.80 we paid $20 cash 1.80 card.

she didnt say anything and left. she and others walked past us for the next 30-35 minutes. another man came in, got his order left. 11.40pm my fiance asked about our order.a manager named Donald Robinson, who is bald looks about 40 years old came by heard us asking.

acted confused went to the back asking us what was our order. he came back and said it had been sitting at the bar the entire time very arrogantly. he set the bag down and acted like there was no problem. and so did the cashier lady we initially found.

another lady came and called me 'baby' arrogantly saying it was my fault. we asked for a refund. they argued with us.

donald robinson disappeared for 5 minutes and came back.gave us 20 bill.i asked for the rest..he left again..came back said 'it was only 1.80' said 'it was my perogative that im offended' among other rude things..i asked him his name and if he was a manager, and he said yes, and gave me his last name and smiled arrogantly like I wasnt going to do anything..the place was disgusting maybe it was a good thing we didnt eat, but they robbed my fiance and I of a wonderful dinner night we had planned..we both lost our appetites, I will spread by word of mouth that Chili's is unsanitary and the service is beyond appaling. Never again

Review about: Chilis Manager.

Monetary Loss: $22.

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