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Update by user Apr 02, 2018

It took almost a half hour for our burgers.

Original review posted by user Apr 02, 2018

Myself, my fiance. and my daughter dined in at the Chili's in Mission Valley in San Diego on Camino Del Rio North.

I asked for water with lemon and they sent me a bowl of lemons with two very chewed up lemons sitting right directly on top in plain view. I questioned the waitress and showed her the lemons and her excuse was that the chef must have had a bad lemon or a bad knife. However, the other lemons in the bowl were bright and full of Pulp. Another waitress notices the perplexed look on my face and comes by and asked if everything was okay.

I showed her the lemon and she says "oh it must be the machine that cuts the lemons". So one waitress said it was the chef and his bad knife, cutting lemons by hand, and the other waitress said it was a lemon cutting machine. However the lemons are visibly very chewed up! You can see teeth marks on both sides of both lemons.

I still decided to dine in because I had a fussy 5 year old and very hungry fiance who didn't want to cause a scene. I did not want to have to uproot my family to move her to a new restaurant. But I have been sick this entire week just at the thought of me almost putting someone else's chewed up lemon in my mouth. Im glad i noticed out because no one else did!

That is really disgusting. I received a half hearted apology along with an attitude from staff all night. They brought out another bowl of lemons but it was still a very disgusting ordeal. I also ordered a burger and ate half of it.

When I got home I noticed that the burger was so pink inside that it literally looked raw meat! It wasn't even rare, it was just not done. A very horrible experience and I will never be taking my family back to that establishment ever again!

I will be calling corporate again tomorrow since I called after business hours today. A very disheartening experience!

Product or Service Mentioned: Chilis Soft Drink.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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If life hands you a lemon, make lemonade!


Food takes time to cook. That is why your burgers took 30 minutes to arrive


You're upset over a *** lemon?! It clearly was cut with the fruit cutter that all of the Chili's use and then was placed (most likely) at the bottom of a container filled with lemons in lemon juice.

No one bit all of your *** lemons and then gave them to you...get real. I also love how you complained about the burger, which is a big deal, and yet you didn't post any pictures of that. Hmmm... nice story, bro, but no one's buying it.

You posted multiple pictures of a LEMON, but your burger comes out "raw" (as you claim) and you didn't snap a single pic?

Lol Yeah, okay. Go tell your made up stories to someone else.


Sounds like you got a lemon that's part of the reason that ALL Chili's will use the lemons they have now and will not get any until the quality improves. Due to the severe weather in CA where their distributor is, the lemons they're getting are very poor quality, so until the crops improve, lemons (and the free sugar water lemonade) are off the menu.


They use a juicer or one of the hand held ones. This mangled the lemon.

NOT someone eating it!! I swear it’s like you people are looking for any excuse these days to get stuff for free. What they are doing is removing the juice and giving you the zest. The juice is probably used in another dish.

The zest goes in tea and water to flavor them. I’m one of those weird people who loves to eat lemons. I’ve eaten enough lemons to know a lemon wedge that has been chewed on. Trust me the first time it happens to me I thought the same thing.

But instead of getting all bent out of shape and jumping to conclusions, I asked the server!! Guess what...... more and more businesses are looking for ways to keep prices low by controlling costs. This is just one of those things.

If you want a WHOLE wedge you have to ask directly. See poor people, cheap people, and the homeless got the bright idea to make free lemonade using items that are gratis to customers. This costs money!!! Money that I might add YOU would be paying extra for everything.

So they started juicing the lemons. Not a big mystery. And NOT them being nasty and serving you someone else’s used lemon wedge.

A big indicator is if you actually see teeth marks in the white of the wedge, then you’ve gotten a used wedge. Your pic shows a juiced wedge.


It had teeth marks in it. But if u had actually read the ENTIRE post u would've seen that.


You can use a gadget that cuts the lemons or cut them by hand. Prep cook's choice. Chili's doesn't have chefs on staff, btw.