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We went to Chillis after my daughter's graduation. It took 30 minutes to be seated,despite there being open tablea..

after being seated, it took about an hour for our food to arrive. When the food did arrive, they had forgot my orded, and the waitress said she'll be right back with my food.. 25 minutes later i had to interrupt her conversation with her friends to remind her of my food. It was finally brought out cold and un appealing!

I asked for a manager, but nothing was done. The girl Ashley continued chi chatting her way to other tables! This was at the Atlas Mall in Glendale NY.

It is witnesses like her that makes one's visit a terrible experience! Sometimes its not worth hiring cheap help!

Product or Service Mentioned: Chilis Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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A) Your grammar is atrocious! B) Just because there are open seats, doesn't mean they can be sat.

(Maybe they hadn't been wiped down yet?) C) It is possible that other servers weren't pulling their tables food, so yours got caught in the mix of all.

D) You should have expected to have a wait time. Stop being spoiled and acting like you're self-entitled