1004 N El Camino Real, Encinitas, CA 92024, USA
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We visited this restaurant and had a very bad and unusual experience. Whoever cooks the food should really learn to listen to the waiter or waitress.

They got the order wrong on two occasions. We had to complain to the manager on duty by the name of Frank. Excuse me, but where do you get your gratuity recommendations? For a $29.19 charge, your recommendations of $7.24 for 15%, $8.68 for 18%, $9.65 for 20% and $10.61 for 22% is way off base.

Do you recommend this for all customers or certain customers? If so, what is it based on? Receipt No. 2100019.

Server: Tamera. Very misleading and deceptive practice.

One could certainly perceive this to be a case of "racial profiling." It certainly has the perception of such profiling. Email at: DDI4SLY2@aol.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Chilis Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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LMFAO!! You actually think that a computer knows if you're white, black, brown or purple?!

You cannot possibly be serious with this *** First off, it's a SUGGESTED tip. No one is forcing you to tip any set amount.

The servers have absolutely zero influence on what the COMPUTERS calculate as the SUGGESTED tip. Get your cheap *** self outta here and go spew your racist *** somewhere else!


Get out of here with that BS! There is a thread on Facebook right now, started by a WHITE MAN, that has tens of thousands of comments and participants in the thread, about this same issue. He's not blaming white!