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On June 22 2017 we went for family lunch, party of three. My wife had ordered Quesadilla which she did not touch and asked the waitress to bring her a carryout box.

She brings two small cartons (the type you would use for a small pastry wedge or something similar) and we were expected to stack the pieces on top of each other. We asked her if she could bring a proper normal size carton used for quesadillas and the answer we get is that they have run out of the same. Finding it extremely strange but seemingly with no option, we pretty much got ready to just stack the pieces in the two small boxes but also decided to speak with the manager. I asked him one simple question: If someone comes to buy quesadilla as take out, you would not take the order?

He goes well we have those cartons but saving them for takeout orders only. So it’s not true that you have run out of those and my order is less valuable than a carryout order that has not even been placed?? Without answering the question he goes to kitchen brings three normal size cartons. I said thank you but we only need one.

No apologies no explanation for that bizarre treatment. We pay come home with the uneaten untouched entrée. Three things I want to highlight before getting into what happens next. One, why did waitress lied and said they had run out?

Two, why did the manager bring three boxes when he knew very well we only needed one? Three, why not a single word of apology, something very basic to customer service (even when the business may not be clearly at fault)? Once home I called corporate office,they apologized and said I would get a written response and some coupons for future use,not that I cared for the coupons.Nothing arrives.I called again after approx 5-6 weeks.They confirmed for not having sent any letter,apologized for that and ensured I should get the same within few days. This is Nov.16.Nothing arrives.

So at this point I want full refund of approx $30 I was charged.

Keep the coupons for someone else. And if I do not hear back my next stop is BBB and beyond.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chilis Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Why do you think you should get a refund of the entire dinner simply because you didn't like the size of the takeout carton? 1) take out is a different area so the waitress wouldn't have known about the cartons in the take out area, 2) you say you don't care about the coupons yet complain they never came. Get over yourself.

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