1260 W Sunset Dr, Waukesha, WI 53189, USA
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One of these things is not like the other. The photo on the left was what I received, the photo on the right is from the menu with the description.

Quite a difference. Needless to say I was extremely disappointed as I found this absolutely disgusting and inedible. And to think the word Grill is in the name of the establishment, but yet the manager actually told me to my face, that this WAS their grilled chicken. I tried to explain what the word "grill" means.

So, what I received, was some *** greens with TWO HANDFULLS of tortilla strips (more strips than lettuce), and a dry piece of chicken with some orange powder sprinkled on top. Oh by the way I paid extra for "extra" avocado, as the salad's description stated that it already included avocado, I received three slices of half brown avocado for which I paid $1 for. This is what happens when I decide to take a night off of cooking, which is why I cook every night from this point forward. This was an expensive mistake, not to mention a waste of an hour to not only pick this crap up, but also return it.

We have choices, Chili's, next time it won't be your restaurant. I should send you a link to my Instagram and blog so you can see what "REAL" food looks like.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chilis Santa Fe Chicken Salad.

Reason of review: I can't select more than one, the quality was bad and it was not as described in the menu. Lack of knowledge of product..

Chilis Cons: Was not as described and poor quality of ingredients.

  • Food Not As Described Or Pictured
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