This is the last time I will ever eat at Chili's. I have a already complained about it once before.

Last time, I ordered Cajun chicken pasta with extra sauce. The pasta was so dry, hardly any sauce, and when I called and complained, the manager took my address and said she would take care of it. I got a $5 coupon. I believe my pasta costs close to $10.

Tonight again. My vegetarian daughter ordered the Quesadilla Explosion salad with no chicken. Well we got no chicken, but we got no quesadillas either. There was extra Alfredo sauce, but I thought it was salad dressing.

Who ever heard of YELLOW Alfredo sauce? I took a pic.

So long Chili's. you suck!

Product or Service Mentioned: Chilis Pasta.

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No doubt the person who wrote this review is an Obama supporter. Childish, Ill-mannered, wanting stuff for nothing.


That sauce comes pre-made in a large bag and is dated for quality/freshness. If you are unhappy with chili's, there re plenty of other places to choose from.


You must be blind and or stup!d, that does look like Alfredo sauce. The manager made it up to you by offering a $5 coupon but you got greedy and want more. The manager should now tell you to keep the $5 coupon, and use it for your next visit and don't come back.


You are one ungrateful spoiled adult brat, at least the manager gave you something. Get a job instead of demanding more freebies.

You ate the pasta though it was dry, the manager owes your self centered bratty self nothing.

That does look like Alfredo sauce, perhaps if you cooked at home once in a while you would know that is Alfredo sauce with spices in it. Are you sure you did not get your daughter to write this for you, because ending the review with `you suck`is so childish and immature, and makes you appear to be eight years old.

to Anonymous #921352

Eight years old, even they know better, this person acts more like they are six than eight.


Alfredo sauce, if left sitting, can take on a yellowish color.

Dallas, Texas, United States #727960

Wow, I eat at Chilis quite often and have never had a complaint about the food. Usually take two kids with me and plus I am a dreaded "special" order kind of person.

The only thing I could possibly complain about is at times they are slow to seat my party. Maybe you should try another Chilis?

Edgewater, Maryland, United States #727951

Well, let's see - you went to a Tex-Mex restaurant that specializes in Southwestern Cuisine and you purchased a Cajun chicken pasta. Not Southwestern Cuisine.

That's like going to a steakhouse and ordering a fish salad. Plus, that does actually look like Alfredo sauce - maybe not Alfredo sauce from a legitimate Italian restaurant, but from a casual Southwestern Tex-Mex place, that looks about right.

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