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My family and I a party of 8 came in to have a good evening turned out horrible from the start.The waitress had to retake our order twice.

She was not new, she had clear knowledge of the menu. We were waiting for the food for an hour before i approached the waitress to see what is taking so long,and only 15 min later we got our food. we had two kids with us and my pregnant wife with other adults by the time the food came the kids were going nuts and almost about to cry because they were so hungry. The food came finally but warm to cold, seems like it was standing for too long and if I didn't approach the waitress it would've came tomorrow.

In addition to all this we got our check and i gave the waitress the appropriate amount to cover my bill and only requested my change back politely because i wanted to keep the change for the change jar at home and give her dollar bills as the tip. She pulled one dime and eight pennies in front of me, with a snotty face and attitude dropped each individual coin one by one 18" from the top of the table. We thought it was so disrespectful and unprofessional that it took away any desire to give her a tip but felt it was necessary to leave a polite note telling her to keep her professional composure no matter the situation.

My whole family was shocked by the service we received, even though we were very polite.My wife and I were so disappointed that we don't want to come back to Chili's again.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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ok so you had a party of 8, so im guessing this couldve been during a rush. so did you not expect a long wait having 8 people? also you didnt mention how busy the store was, she has other tables to serve too.


Report her to their regional office with specific details

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