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Hello I went to Chilis for our first experience with my husband on Friday evening. First let me say the food was great what we actually could eat this is the problem.

We ordered a queso dip appetizer. Well our waitress brought out these chips and salsa and said wow you bring these out (thinking they just do this) and so we only ate a few as not to spoil the appetizer we were actually paying for. Approx. 10 minutes later here comes the queso dip and I said excuse me don't we get chips well yeah the ones we got 10 minutes earlier that were now cold.

The dip was amazing but the problem the chips were cold, within 3 minutes of the dip arriving here comes soup. My husband had ordered chili but because they were shoving food in our faces so fast he could not eat chili and try to attempt to eat this appetizer. So therefore soups were a waste. Not less than 5 minutes probably closer to 3 to 4 here comes our main meal.

I was totally not happy. I said excuse me why are you shoving all this food out at once. I got a Oh we are sorry and yet no dishes were taken off our table, no drink refilled at all. We could now not even eat the appetizer because dinner would be cold.

It was really crazy. We looked like we had a buffet on our table totally inappropriate. The dinner was good but by now my husband couldn't even eat he was just ready to go and so we asked for a to go box which took a lot longer than it took to get our entire buffet. It really was an awful experience, I did write the local store and received no reply so I think you should hear about this.

We definitely did not get our moneys worth as literally out dinner was anything but enjoyable. I did tip the waitress and why I really don't know. A tip is earned for services and that is something we totally lacked. Our dishes were never picked up, I had to ask twice for a refill on my drink, she brought my husband another drink and he wasn't even drinking his he just wanted to leave.

I really think Chilis owes us a dinner that is enjoyable I feel like I honestly did not get what we paid for.

The food we ate was good but really who goes out on a Friday night to eat a buffet thrown in front of them it was awful service and we just left. Thank you

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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You got 2 3 for 10s ***


Why couldn't you eat the chips, soups and mains all together? I don't get people who act like when these items are served together, somehow the taste is altered. So weird.