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Tuesday, 02/25/2014

I decided to treat my parents to a long overdue lunch at Chili's today.I had a coupon for a free appetizer, we ordered lunch, dessert drinks and coffee's. We were all having a great time until the gift card I planned to pay with was returned to me & it was explained that the system was down & if I had another form of payment. I asked what would happen if I did not ?

I was told that the managers would have to take it out of their own pockets. My dad feeling terrible if this were to happen started to reach for his wallet & since this was my idea in the first place I paid with my Credit card but I was not at all happy.

It was a great inconvenience to me to have to charge this when I had every intention of using the Chili's Gift card. I can't emphasis the huge inconvenience this is and will be to me . My funds are somewhat limited as I'm sure many others are so we are normaly very thrilled to get a Gift card to a favorite restaurant. This may not be the case from here on however.

I just don't understand how this can be an acceptable policy when the system is down. What would happen if half the customers in the restaurant had planned to use gift cards?

I work in retail myself and there are a number of other ways we would have handled this. Taking the card and holding on to it until the system was back up would have been my first thought.

Needless to say I was shocked & embarrased in front of my parents and wanted them to feel comfortable so I didn't even ask to see a manager.My parents have both suffered strokes recently and to try to explain to them what was happening would have been very taxing for all of us. My visit should have been a memorable one with my parents, a pleasant good memory and not the problem that it has become for me now.

Now I have to come up with $60.00 to pay off my charge card when I had a $50 gift card...I am not at all satisfied with today's visit. (02/25/2014 Tuesday Lunch)

I just want you to be aware of this, I don't know what your standard policy is in a situation such as this but I don't think this was handled properly at all.

I am a very dissapointed customers .

A. Lefler

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Shorewood, Illinois, United States #1266989

Both our meals were all canned and bottled food and sauces and generic chocolate molten lava cake. What a joke and place was full, but, people in Joliet love bad food, I've lived here 69 years and there hasn't been a lot good places to eat. So enjoy it little piggies.


First of all if your dad was reaching into his wallet to pay for the appetizer than he already knew what was going on, so you did not have to explain to him what is going on. In other words you are playing the sympathy card telling us about how he had the stroke and how he you were forced to tell a person who had a stroke what was happening when he already knew what was going on which is just low.

The system was down and you CHOSE to pay for the appetizer rather than tell them *** it is not my fault, you had not told me earlier. Third work on your grammar, it is I am a very disappoint customer.

You put I am a very disappointed customers. Also liar make up your mind, did you have a $50 gift card or a card for a free appetizer?

to Anonymous #888627

I had both. They told me that they could only accept one card.

I have a feeling that their system was broken down and that is why they could not have accepted both cards. Our meal should have been for $10 for the three of us. I calculated all of this with tax and at the most our meals would have cost $10. They scanned the gift card for free appetizers first and said they only accept one gift card for a meal.

So I had to pay for our meals when they should have accepted the other gift card for $50 as well as the free appetizer.

As for the card saying cannot be combined with any other gift card, coupon or promotion, that is written so tiny that even with glasses people cannot read it. Why should I have to be embarrassed and pay because I misunderstood the gift card and because their system was down and they were making up lies saying that they can only accept one gift card instead of their system is down.

to anonymous Oceanside, California, United States #888612

My 93 year old father wanted Chili so we went to the Oceanside, Ca, on Vista Way Chili's and will never, never go back. Because we only ordered 2 bowls of Chili the waitress couldn't care less about us.

We ordered 2 bowls of chili and the bowls looked nice size and when you went to eat it the bottom of the bowl was in the middle of the bowl. It was about a half of inch of chili and it was $5.95. WHAT A RIP OFF....The order was cold and NO one came back to see if everything was OK. I had to call a waitress to get the bill and she said you can print it off of the thing on the table.

Didn't show us how to use it and was put out that we didn't know what to do. Can't believe this experience and will never go back....


This is a general complaint site, it isn't Chili's web site. You should go to their site and let them know about the situation.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #788786

Complain to them if you haven't. If you worked in retail, may be you should have just mentioned you want to pay with a gift card way before you order anything.

Its' not their fault that something isn't working just out of nowhere.

It is inconvenient when you already have a plan to use a card, only you find out you have to use another method.

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