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Hello. My husband and I visited Chili's Grill & bar Lindbergh #1122.


2420 Piedmont Rd NE in Atlanta, Georgia. We went there to the diner shift. It was like 4:30pm when we got there. There was not a host receiving customers.

The bartender greeted us after a few minutes and show us the way to the table. After a while our server Molisha started serving us, she was polite but not excellent customer service experienced. We ordered our drinks, an appetizer and the entree. I order my quesadillas and my husband ordered a Rib eye medium rare, keep in mind that in the food industry not everybody knows the prime cuts of meat.

With that being said, it was not the first time my husband ordered a rib eye. Once the food got to the table, it was not cooked as desired. So my husband called the server to let her know and she took the plate back to the kitchen. So for our surprise, the manager came back with the plate to start a discussion over the condition of the rib eye.

He didn't even apologize, he was just telling my husband that was the medium rare term. My husband is a professional cook in one of the busiest kitchens of buckhead so he knows how does he likes his meat, he also knows about temperatures. We rarely complain or turn back our dinner but we were paying customers, we didn't had a gift cars or discounts. So it was stressful to observe a "manager" managing the situation poorly.

We were aggravated. He decided to take the steak back and brought a rare instead, we guess that they just don't know how to cook medium term.

To resume, we are not going back. It was not a pleasant visit.

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Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1211382

Your husband asked for medium rare steak, and got what he asked for, why should the manager apologize? I doubt you will be missed and it is obvious neither you not your husband know a thing about steaks.

THe manager did nothing wrong.

Your husband sounds like an angry man. Does he beat you?


Hahahaa get a life. Complaining over a *** piece of dead animal and then writing about it.

to Anonymous Boca Raton, Florida, United States #1210255

I know you do need to get a life , I agree

In the mean time go get a dollar menu at one of those chain food companies and leave your comments to others.

Much appreciated your ha ha next time try lol for a change this way you don't have to move your fingers too much and loose your train of thoughts ...

Haha haha

Lol lol


to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #1211411

Why would you visit a website called "PISSEDconsumer" and seem surprised and offended that someone is voicing a complaint? And think how stup*d you look, telling someone to get a life for writing a complaint, yet you took the time to read it AND comment on it!

to Anonymous Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1211614

The complaint, like most complaints on this site is silly. If a person is hurt because someone told them off on this site than they should not share their experience.

Why are you defending this person. Are you their mother?

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