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On nov,17,2014

Irving #45

3421 w airport frwy.

Irving tx 75062

Walked in with my family and it's only 4 of us I told her I want a both she said I don't have any thier were 4 available Boths I told her what are those she said I have them closed I said this side apperantly is open so I want this one!!!! She said I'll be back left me in the front for about 8min thin it takes a good 1 hour and 10 min for my food and on top of that the plate was disgusting dirty like if it hasn't been washed !!! Look all around it eewwww I'm never eating at this place again!!!

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I don't think thier is a word


What the *** is a "both"? Surely you didn't mean "booth", did you? Nobody would be *** enough to misspell that TWICE!

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