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Went to chills to get take out for dinner since my wife and I like to stay in. Ordered online and got fajitas quesadilla and onion rings.

Got there 10 minutes early and we wait for 10 before anyone spoke to us. Then we were told to pay at the bar. I had an old gift card with 25 dollars and it came out to 24.90. So I just put 25 dollars.

As a former pizza delivery person I don't tip on pick up because they aren't using gas, their own car and are not serving me like a waitress. I always tip 15% minimum and not until I get my food. We sat and waited for awhile then a man on drugs dirtyish as if he was homeless start talking to us in the waiting area. Trying to sell me supplements or join his pyramid scheme I couldn't tell.

I was desperate to get out of there. My food was suppose to be ready at 9:20 and was ready at 9:35. The lady came out while he was mid speech. I took my food and left.

I got home starving just wanting to eat and touched my 1st tortilla. Cold. Okay don't panic cold tortillas aren't bad. Meat.

Cold. Quesadilla, onion rings, everything is cold. I am very angry at this point. I look at my sides my cilantro isn't even enough to be a side and has a black thing in it that resembles a booger.

None of the sauces even touch the halfway mark. So I go online and fill out a complaint form. I wait a day for a reply. None.

I post @chilis on Twitter with photos of my food they tell me to fill out a online complaint form. I reply I did already. I am ignored. When I was stationed in Japan I ate at the base chilis all the time and it was great.

I lived in flagstaff and that chilis was great. The chilis at metro center in Arizona is horrible.

The kicker is this happened on my birthday, thank you chili's. Food is temporary but a memory lasts a lifetime.

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Most restaurants have employees that are hired specifically do take out and bag orders. They make 1/2 of minimum wage and they work for tips. Those of you complaining about the service you get, while simultaneously saying you refuse to tip...

Kissimmee, Florida, United States #1071947

You don't tip on pick up because the person bagging your food doesn't deserve to get paid? Whatever bad things happened to you that night is karma.

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #1052533

Just a guess but something tells me the Chilis employees picked up on this dudes GIGANTIC EGO(just a guess,I've worked in restaraunts many years when I was younger,still,just a guess!)you never know what the kitchen staff are dealing with at that moment either,oh ya....I've never had a black booger? a brown 1 maybe,different shades of green obviously,some yellows,never black though....if I leave my Email,I wonder if I could get a pic from him the next time he meets up with a black booger?

Or,maybe thats it...this dude is a booger racist? Hmmmmm?....


I tip delivery drivers and if the person brings the food out to my car. Otherwise, no, you are not getting a tip for me just picking up food.


Aww *** no


That is So rude not to leave a tip for takeout. I always give a tip for takeout...

It's just what you do!! And 15% only for dine in?? Catch up to the times, you are seriously shortchanging your servers.

No I'm not a server, nor ever have been. I just feel it's right to always give extra to these hard working people.

to Anonymous #1026887

Why would he tip takeout? He is right, they do not use gas, put miles on their personal cars, or spend 45 minutes serving customers. They hand you a bag.

to Anonymous Glendale, Arizona, United States #1027406

I said 15% minimum. I have been a server and delivered pizza so sometimes a takeout person (might) deserve a tip.

I sat and waited for 15 minutes before someone acknowledged my existence, even though I dinged the bell. I paid before I saw my food, why would I tip before I see my food?

If you do you are asking for disappointment. As you can see by the pictures, they did not work hard.

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