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Why is it that people of color (blacks particularly) have to leave the premises immediately after spending hard earned dollars? Is it a policy to pick which race can remain on the premises?

I've coordinated numerous personal, and business functions at various Chili's locations to include Abbeville, New Orleans, Denver etc. If you choose to stand behind the racist manager, who called police on a group of law abiding citizens...I'll definitely spend my $$$ elsewhere. Furthermore, word of mouth can put a dent in your pockets. I have zero tolerance for racism.

I will follow this incident, and how corporate plans to deal with this brazen display of racism.

When cops are called on African Americans, the result is usually NEVER good. The result is usually death, or brutality.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chilis Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Chilis Cons: Staff and management or food.

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You're the perfect example of another 'entitled customer.' I am feeling so bad and sad for any employee or manager that has too deal with an customer like you!


Did you ever think that a gaggle of men of color outside a restaurant might be causing a issue? Perspective dude!!!

As a redman myself I know what a group of men can cause just saying thier goodbyes. If you were hanging out in a group what exactly do you think each and every person driving up saw? Not men saying goodbye. But a gang.

Be it true or not, that’s what people will see. See no loitering is no standing around. If you took more then a reasonable amount of time to say your goodbyes then they have a right to ask you to move along. It’s THIER private property.

As such you should respect that, if nothing else. The racism you think you are experiencing is not true racism. It’s fairness across the board. If a gaggle of white people were standing around the police would be called on them.

Were you beaten and arrested or just asked to move along? One IS racism the other is well you get the idea of private property right? You want to wave the racism flag because that’s what YOU do. The manager has a business to run and can’t have other customers driving off because a gang of black men has chosen to camp outside the business.

So maybe next time you want to raise the race card you will take a few moments and see ALL sides of a situation instead of jumping to conclusions. YOU are the racist in THAT situation. Yes it sucks and your first response is to cry racism because that is what YOU expect. But I didn’t see any police involved shooting at a chili’s and you are free enough to spleen vent on what you THINK is racism.

So it must have worked out in your favor. Are you sure you’re not just fishing around for free stuff? Racism is like rape when it comes to reporting it. Many times it’s the default response from people of color.

Thier mantra. Just as a woman will scream rape, even if there isn’t, just to cover thier buttocks.

Racism is the same way. Maybe accept the fact that your group was loud and boisterous and had stood around long enough to have the police called on you.


Give us the whole story! Why did the manager need to bring the police into it? Be honest and don't try to hide behind race!


Anonymous coward- I was VERY CLEAR with explaining the incident. You've identified yourself as anonymous, so who's hiding?

You're likely one of those people who called the police. Why can't blacks ( converse/bid each other goodbye) outside an establishment after they've spent their money? I've seen people do it countless times, and NOT ONCE HAD COPS CALLED ON THEM!

Race cannot be hidden, but RACISM can. You know the deal...throw the rock, then put your hand in your pocket or demand explanations while remaining anonymous...look in the mirror, is that a hood?


Maybe their name is "Painstaking Cod"!!! LMAO!!!

Like you aren't hiding behind being anonymous yourself! You are the joke that posted your BS here, why don't you identify YOURSELF?!! You make libelous accusations against a manager but don't have the nerve to reveal your own identity but are quick to try to change the subject when someone logically asks you for the whole story!

Don't want to go there, do you!!! Yeah, I bet not!!


I think it is you who is also trying to hide. Where you causing a scene? I bet you were.


Clearly it is customers like you that are always lying and fabricating. Nobody is buying into your re review.

You're the type of customer that always plays the race and entitlement card. And people are allowed too call you out onto your BS.


Just because a customer say something happened to them, does not mean it had happened to them. You're living proof of that. Nobody is buying into your review!


if anybody is coward it is customers like you trying to play the race and entitlement card. You're living proof of that!