175 E City Ave, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004, USA
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Chili’s #56 on City line Avenue.The services was horrible. My son ordered chicken fingers,corn and fruit which the fruit look like it was old and had other food in it.I had to send it back twice.

We also ordered drinks as well which took to long which I finally went to the bar myself to retrieve. I took my son to the bathroom which look like it hadn’t been cleaned for days or might I say hours.People out of uniform behind the bar socializing which looked very unprofessional. The restaurant was not crowded at all so I don’t know why our waitress was taking so long for the small request such as more straws and side sauce for are meals. I would never eat here again.

I’m very disappointed.

And might I say the bathroom is by the kitchen that you have to walk by it looked very discussing. I suggest the owner put a door there as a suggestion

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Looks like something besides fruit in there. Some little green thing floating around...


The Chili's on Roswell Road in Marietta Georgia I eat in there all the time my son got sick in there I got food poisoning last night they said the water in the floor was the sewer line seeping through in the roof leaking and the restaurant was just nasty


What was the kitchen discussing?


The fruit salad looks fine. Sigh first world issues.