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This was the worst experience ever. I visited this restaurant at approximately 8:45pm I had to wait about 15 minutes to be seated which was fine. However when I went to order my drinks I was informed that the machine was down and I could not have a frozen drink. I was ok with that and decided to order a different drink. The waiter brought me my drink and just left without asking me was I ready to order. I'm siting and waiting I see her running... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 26
  • #962016

Waited at table 10 min. before server came over. Had to ask for silverware. There was 4 of us and food was delivered at different times. Service was negligent... on scale of 1-10 I'd say a 1.

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My medium rare steak came out well done. The last 2 bottles of a-1 were empty. Look at my picture. Clearly they added water to the bottles and then gave them to me to try to stretch them out. The loaded mash potatoes were missing everything but the bacon. Worst dinner ive ever had at a chili's. Stay away from #244 in Tallahassee fl. Was told that "we would cook you another steak, but I don't recommend it" Read more

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Horrible service. The waiter was a slug. I cleaned up the dishes for him. He couldn't be bothered to clean up our table after serving our dessert. He walked away empty handed. My husband and I actually witnessed one of the waiters sweeping the floor then sweeping the cushions with the same broom! On top of that , Our receipt was overcharged twice. Not once but twice! They weren't even that busy. The table next to us was overcharged as well.... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 18
  • #957456

Let's just put it this way, I'll never visit another Chili's restaurant anywhere! Simply because of the experience my family and I experienced at the one in Columbus Georgia store number 764

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 17
  • #957141

Chili's at 45 and I35 has to be the worst one I have been to. Service at the bar was horrible. The bar tender would disappear and I waited for 20 to 30 min. Before he came and asked me for anything else.

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My family and I visited Chili's restaurant on 11/16/16, I was so dissatisfied with my food and the services, mind you we arrived there @ 0605pm, and it took is 3 hrs to receive 2 chicken pasta which were 2 for$20, an ear if corn, order of fries a side of pineapples and a serving of boneless wings which were cold, i spoke with the manager, he replaced the wings, but i ended up @345 am, with a terrible stomach pain and the runs, it took 3 hrs to... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 15
  • #955437

As a US.Army Veteran I'm shocked by the actions of your manager at your store in Dallas he takes a Veteran's meal an questions his Military service. An his dog well I've spoken to hundreds of Veterans an we will no longer be visiting any of your stores this is an out right disgrace.

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As an establishment that should be partial to the color green(money) and not politics, y'all screwed up. The gentleman who served our country was treated like trash. I encourage everyone I know to boycott your restaurant. Your company and that manager should be completely ashamed and apologetic to the veteran you treated less than human. Read more

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After watching video of Ernest Walker being harassed, humiliated and HAVING HIS FOOD TAKEN AWAY because some dips--t manager didn't believe he was a veteran, I was horrified. Just the last straw in a pile of straws that convinced me NEVER TO EAT AT CHILI's AGAIN. Mediocre food, menu, service NOT WITH a smile, sullen host and hostesses, managers discussing, berating, screaming at employees in the public eating areas, this is only the short... Read more

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